growth strategist & digital journalist


I’m Kristin. I’m a growth editor at Quartz, a subsidiary of Atlantic Media focused on the global economy and all the things that come with it. I work as part of a seven-person team to help develop and engage our audience worldwide and across the internet. I have worked on a number of projects including managing a constantly growing network of editorial partnerships, creating a easy-to-use archival database, developing a republication strategy, and jumpstarting Quartz’s SEO efforts.

Previously, I was a content curator at Facebook, working on the trending editorial team. At Facebook, I worked as part of a team that worked around the clock to produce news for millions of users worldwide.

In December 2014, I completed my graduate degree in journalism at NYU’s Studio 20. For my Studio 3 project (read: thesis), I partnered with Matter (which lives inside Medium) on increasing user engagement beyond the actions of sharing for a magazine that happens to live on a unique platform. I won’t say platisher, but it’s probably relevant. You can read some interviews and my white “paper” here.

I also worked at Matter as an editorial intern in the summer of 2014, and continued working with the staff to produce the weekly newsletter through December. I personally think newsletters are the new anti-stream, so I fill my inbox with them, creating my own influx of links, tabs, gifs, etc. As an intern, I was very involved as a contributing member of the small staff. I pitched and wrote stories, interviewed artists, researched any and every thing, fact-checked, copy-edited, and contributed in whatever way I was needed as the magazine launched and built their identity in the first few months.

At Studio 20, I worked as a multimedia producer to build audio slideshows, shoot and edit videos, and create interactive data projects (among many more things). Beyond my own reporting, I worked as the project manager on a Studio 20 partnership with MIT Technology Review to create a new technology news aggregator focusing on the societal impacts of technology. We designed the aggregator from editorial workflow, to data inputs, to business partnerships, to CMS (complete with wireframes). I also worked with ProPublica on a project investigating gaps in media coverage and source identification through social media.

I also pitch in at the Brooklyn Quarterly on a semi-regular basis, as editor-at-large for visual media. I’ve written for their blog, contributed multimedia reporting on my own stories and in complement to others, and produced multimedia pieces using Creatavist.

I previously worked as an editorial intern at Public Books and Duke Magazine, and as a communications specialist at CNA Analysis & Solutions. For my undergraduate capstone and just because I wanted to play with the form, I made a 70-page iBook on language, which I then excerpted for Brooklyn Quarterly.

Email me at kristinoakley(at)gmail(dot)com or find me on Twitter @kristinmoakley.